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In the modern day, it’s never been easier to connect with customers digitally, and your practice’s orthodontic branding strategy should utilize this to its advantage.

Digital marketing is only a fraction of what your orthodontic marketing plan should include. There are many opportunities to get your practice on potential customers’ radars through tactics such as referral programs, community awareness, local search, improving your website’s SEO rankings, and many others.

Peniche & Associates offers orthodontic branding and marketing consulting services to ensure your chairs are filled with patients, and our proprietary systems will help you build a team that operates like a well-oiled machine.


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The quality of the services you and your team offer patients depends on their overall happiness and enjoyment at work. By creating a healthy working environment for your employees, you’ll encourage them to be the best they can be by working together and employing tactics to ensure
you can focus on creating lasting patient-doctor relationships.

As an orthodontic marketing company, our services cover training in practice development, marketing and branding, case acceptance, financial management, scheduling, and how to manage private client services.

Make a Lasting Impression

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Your team works hard, and while you might have strong orthodontic marketing strategies in place, you could still be struggling to grow your client base. If this sounds like your practice, Peniche & Associates wants to help.

Part of growing your patient base comes from the quality of the service provided by the Patient Treatment Coordinator you have on staff and how many clients they can process consistently.

Often, this is one of the first interactions your new patients have with your practice, making it all the more critical to have a tailored plan and strategies to utilize when it comes to increasing your production and patient starts.

Branding and Marketing

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Learning how to market your practice successfully starts with deciding who you are as a brand and knowing how to sell the experience to patients.

This means making sure all aspects of your orthodontic marketing strategy are consistent, comprehensive, and reflective of who you are and what you believe as a practice.

From ensuring the fonts on your website are appealing and easy to read to analyzing statistics and SEO analytics and setting goal benchmarks, our services are strategic and patient-focused so you can grow with confidence.

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As orthodontic marketing consultants, Peniche & Associates gives you and your team the tools you need to grow your practice and create a healthy work environment in the process.

After a thorough assessment of your in-house and digital marketing strategies, you’ll get a tailored plan and marketing tips that have been proven to grow our clients’ practices. If your orthodontic marketing needs a boost, contact Peniche & Associates today for superior service that creates results.