About Us

We’re the leading orthodontic consulting firm committed to helping our clients achieve a higher level of excellence in their practices.

Why Choose Us?

Peniche & Associates is a team of experienced professional consultants, founded by LeeAnn Peniche in 1989. We have worked with practices of all sizes across the United States, helping them increase case acceptance, improve communication techniques, enhance operational efficiency, and create professional marketing campaigns.

Our goal is to give our clients the tools they need to provide an excellent experience for their patients at every visit. We are dedicated to helping orthodontic practices succeed and thrive, and we have a proven track record of delivering results for our clients.

Choose Peniche & Associates for the expertise, support, and resources you need to take your practice to the next level.

Years of Combined Experience

We Know Orthodontic Practices.

As a premier orthodontic consulting firm with a vast amount of industry experience, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing orthodontic practices. We specialize in case acceptance, the New Patient Process, treatment coordinating, marketing, and practice management.

Our team has developed a proprietary and highly effective case acceptance system that is patient-centered and produces excellent results. With our expertise and support, you can improve your practice's performance and provide the best possible care to your patients.

We are proud of our reputation as a leading orthodontic consulting firm, and we understand the ins and outs of running a successful practice. Let us help you succeed and grow.


Always By Your Side

At Peniche & Associates, we are dedicated to providing hands-on training and support to our clients. We offer both in-office training and collaborative workshops to help you and your team succeed.

With 20 consultants across the country, we are available to provide valuable training and guidance to clients nationwide. We also support many industry organizations, such as the American Association of Orthodontists and the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists.

Our founder, LeeAnn Peniche, is a frequent speaker at industry events and is always involved in seminars and workshops organized by leading orthodontic associations. We are committed to staying at the forefront of our field and sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients.

Office Management Academy- small

Successful Industry Partnerships

We're recognized for our knowledge and experience in the orthodontic industry as a whole.

We support leading industry manufacturers and developers, and we've helped develop new orthodontic technologies through our comprehensive consulting services.

For six years, we were the exclusive training team for Align Technology and OraMetrix®. Through this program, we helped more than 2,500 orthodontic offices integrate new technology into their practices through seminars and in-office training.

Meet Our Founder

Orthodontic Business Development

LeeAnn Peniche


As an international lecturer and presenter, LeeAnn Peniche is a recognized leader in the orthodontic consulting arena.

She was the PCSO staff co-chair in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 and is also a recognized member of the PCSO CEC board. She is a valued member of the board of Smile for a Lifetime, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing underprivileged children with orthodontic care, free of charge, through participating orthodontists across the country.

LeeAnn is proud to hold these leadership roles and encourages her consultants to give clients the tools necessary to become leaders in their own offices and communities. Peniche & Associates will continue to offer clients the leadership and guidance needed for continued success in the challenging times ahead.

Peniche & Associates is my vision, a consulting company devoted to enhancing orthodontic practices and creating service with a smile. After 30 years in the profession and 25+ years developing as a company, I can truly say I am proud of what we’ve become.

My team of exceptional consultants will blow you away with their knowledge and expertise. It's been a pleasure to share my first-hand experience in the orthodontic field with my team and our clients.

As a veteran in the areas of case acceptance, scripting, practice marketing, clinical proficiency and managing a successful orthodontic practice, I'm especially proud of the proven methods of success my team has developed and implemented in more than 800 private orthodontic practices.

Meet the Team

Orthodontic Business Development


Wizard of All

Sandy is our longest-tenured team member....she’s been with us since 1997! Boasting 30 years of experience in orthodontics, Sandy has literally mastered each role in the orthodontic practice from chairside assisting to office management with a stop along the way as a lab and records tech.

She completed the prestigious Roth-Williams Course exclusively for orthodontists and served as our integration specialist for the “Roth-Williams philosophy”. She's also our expert on integrating Invisalign and SureSmile into the orthodontic practice.

She is an avid Chicago sports fan and never passes up a chance to watch a good hockey game; she is also Mom to SIX animals!

Orthodontic Business Development


Director of Training

Enthusiastic and educated, with more than 31 years of orthodontic experience and a degree in Business Marketing, Cindi has much to offer.

Cindi’s attention to detail and analytical approach to problem-solving are complemented by her energy and expertise in the areas of treatment coordinating, marketing, office management, and clinical assisting. You’ll cheer when you see what Cindi can do!



Senior Consultant

Pamela is a true extrovert! Her spirited personality, endless optimism and cheerful demeanor are contagious.... and sure to make you smile!

But even more than her glass-half-full attitude, we know you will appreciate her personal drive to succeed, which can’t help but rub off on her clients.

Not only is she committed to personal excellence, Pamela is deeply dedicated to the growth and success of your practice.

With a passion for beautiful smiles and more than 20 years of experience in both treatment coordinating and marketing roles, Pamela understands all the ins and outs of the orthodontic practice and what it takes to excel.

She is one asset you will wonder how you ever lived without!

Tony 01


Director of Innovation

In a world that’s ever-changing, there are always new opportunities for innovation. Tony has been a creative innovator in everything he touches.

Thanks to his vast experience in business development, marketing, entrepreneurship and building several profitable companies, he knows that innovation and creativity are at the heart of today’s most successful companies.

With his outside-the-box thinking and creative abilities, Tony will surely help your team develop robust marketing programs, build your brand, and think of innovative ways to lead your practice down the road to success.

Orthodontic Business Development


Senior Consultant

Kristi is passionate! With more than 17 years of experience in orthodontics, Kristi is passionate about creating a memorable patient experience.

Her background includes financial management, the new patient experience, and marketing.

Kristi is also a statistical guru who ensures our clients have accurate and efficient tracking systems. Kristi’s sincere enthusiasm and commitment allow her to go above and beyond to assist clients, patients, friends and family to reach their personal and professional goals.

Orthodontic Business Development


Director of Finance

Organizing, creating systems, and balancing numbers are what make Gena really SMILE! She has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance and, as our Director of Finance, she is responsible for all of Peniche & Associate's client accounts and financial records.

With her never-ending desire for professional growth and knowledge, Gena finds enjoyment in helping everyone become organized. She assists us all in implementing systems and completing tasks on time with her valuable suggestions for improved systems. Dedicated, reliable, and with an always-happy-to-help attitude, Gena takes pride in providing accurate service with a genuine service heart!

Orthodontic Business Development


Senior Consultant

Tomalyn’s 20 years in orthodontic practice management, treatment coordinating, financial management, schedule design, and marketing make her an invaluable asset to your practice.

Driven by her passion to help clients be their best, Tomalyn will go the extra mile for teams, practices, and patients, by providing exceptional customer service and training in all Peniche Systems.

Tomalyn‘s detail-oriented style, as well as her knowledgeable and caring demeanor, make her an amazing coach.



Senior Consultant

Chris is extremely dedicated and incredibly detail-oriented. With over 20 years of professional business management experience, combined with eight years of orthodontic financial management, she has the tools, systems, and organization needed to help you reach your practice’s full potential.

Chris works with the startup practice all the way through to the transition years and has mastered everything in between.

She has a passion for helping others succeed and is dedicated to getting the job done right!



Senior Consultant

Fostering team empowerment is crucial, and Geneva brings over two decades of expertise in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics to elevate your team to new heights. Her journey spans from a front desk receptionist to the role of Office Manager, providing her with a well-rounded understanding of patient care and office efficiency, making her an invaluable asset to motivate and inspire your team.

Geneva's exceptional talent lies in creating a positive and collaborative team atmosphere. With a unique ability to bring out the best in each team member, she cultivates camaraderie and mutual respect. Her leadership style emphasizes open communication, creativity, and continuous improvement, fostering a harmonious and efficient work environment. Geneva's commitment to excellence not only enhances patient satisfaction but also contributes significantly to the overall growth and success of your practice.

Orthodontic Business Development


Director of Events

A friend in need is a friend indeed... Whatever the question, Brianna is here to set the standard for concierge service for all Peniche courses and Academies! Whether faced with queries or challenges, she is dedicated to setting the benchmark!

Brianna, with her keen eye for detail, strategic mindset, and innovative approach, collaborates seamlessly with our team, and yours to share the Peniche magic!

Her positive spirit and unwavering determination mirror her exceptional customer service skills. Brianna is ready and eager to discover solutions, tackle challenges, and embodies the epitome of Peniche Standards.

Jessica dark


Virtual Financial Consultant

Jessica's passion for the orthodontic industry began several years ago while she worked for a start-up practice. She has worn many different hats since starting her career in orthodontics, but her true passion is financials. She truly enjoys helping clients understand how a strong, streamlined billing system helps a successful office run smoothly. Jessica has experience with all aspects of insurance which includes: insurance verification, initial billing processes, electronic claim submissions, insurance past due protocols, and financial reporting. She is a billing wizard following accounts from start to finish!



Virtual Financial Coordinator Consultant

Always ready to offer a helping hand, Shayna brings a wealth of dental experience spanning 15 years, with a versatile background that encompasses chairside and front desk roles, making her well-equipped for any challenge.

Her ability to provide clients with comprehensive advice stems from her in-depth understanding of the entire patient journey, spanning from check-in to treatment and check-out.

Her passion for orthodontics ignited several years ago and has since driven her unwavering dedication. Possessing expertise across all facets of dental insurance, Shayna takes immense pleasure in assisting clients in securing their rightful compensation. Recognizing the pivotal role of financial in an office's success, Shayna is committed to ensuring a seamless operation. She finds great joy in working on behalf of clients to streamline their financial processes.

Orthodontic Business Development


Senior Consultant

With 25 years in orthodontics, Sheri brings a blend of excitement and passion to her work and is committed to elevating every office to the next level. She has the ability to quickly assess and identify inefficiencies within office systems, which aids her in customizing and implementing our Peniche programs.

Her innate ability to communicate with people allows her to equip your team with the tools needed to provide a remarkable experience for your patients. With her extensive orthodontic background and multi-faceted approach, she will help every area of your practice to succeed.

Increase case acceptance


Consulting Manager

With over a decade of experience in the orthodontic industry, Ticia is passionate about every patient who walks through your door!

Specializing in the New Patient Process and office management, she has an eye for discerning practice and patient needs. Her goal is to empower you and your team by implementing authenticated systems that promote practice advancement, teamwork, and very happy patients!



Senior Consultant

Chere possesses a delightful and amiable demeanor, but beneath that exterior lies a steadfast commitment to securing the results our clients rightfully deserve. With more than two decades of experience in practice management, treatment coordinating,  and marketing, her devotion to the success of your practice runs deep. Upon entering any office, Chere brings a radiant smile, a willingness to roll her sleeves up, and an unwavering dedication. Chere’s passion for orthodontics and taking practices to the next level make her an incredible asset.

Specializing in Customer First marketing, Chere approaches everything from the perspective of your patients, all while vigilantly safeguarding the vision and financial well-being of your practice. Her effectiveness in coaching your staff stems from her natural ability to assume the role of a mentor from the outset. Through building strong relationships, she instills trust in the Peniche programs right from the start.

Orthodontic Business Development


Administrative Specialist

Kristylinn is dedicated, organized, reliable, personable, and motivated. With her
detail-oriented personality, she thrives on challenges and does her best work in
high-volume settings.

Her experience, professionalism, and proactive demeanor
are a perfect match for the “many hats” that she wears as an administrative



Administrative Specialist

Sophia is a dedicated advocate of exceptional customer service. Regardless of the circumstances, she approaches every situation with an unwavering sense of positivity and enthusiasm. Her readiness to go above and beyond is a testament to her commitment, and it's a rare moment indeed when you catch her without a radiant smile gracing her face. With her extensive experience in Orthodontics and her genuine passion for collaborating with her colleagues in the office, Sophia plays an invaluable role as a crucial support to our consultants. Her dedication to working with others is truly evident in her daily contributions.

Courtney- orthodontic business consultant-black


Orthodontic Consultant

Courtney is results driven and forever optimistic. She has over 20 years of experience in
the orthodontic industry covering all areas from clinical, treatment coordinating,
marketing and practice management.

Courtney’s experience transforms practices by
identifying inefficiencies, implementing streamlined systems to increase revenue,
reduce overhead and grow practice productivity.



Senior Consultant

With over a decade of orthodontic experience, April is as motivated as they come.

April’s expertise in treatment coordinating, financial presentation, case management and marketing, in both established and start-up practices, is sure to help your practice grow.

Her enthusiasm for your success will always leave you with a smile on your face.

~ Forever in our Hearts