Orthodontic Financial Coordinator - Financial Management for Your Orthodontic Practice

We offer Orthodontic Financial Coordinator training to teach you top financial management & effective marketing skills. Enroll with Peniche & Associates!

Many orthodontists struggle with financial management, even if they’ve been in practice for decades. Luckily, an orthodontic financial coordinator can help you get a handle on your finances so you can better grow your business.

Growing Your Business Can Be a Big Pain in the Tooth.

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As a practice owner, it's difficult to juggle all the different aspects of your orthodontic business. You have to be an orthodontist and financial expert at the same time! Sure, it would be great if every patient would pay their orthodontic bill in a timely manner. Often, however, this isn't the case.

In addition to patient payment issues, orthodontists also have insurance claims and other administrative tasks that they must complete on a regular basis. A knowledgeable staff can help, but they need continuous training on the latest technology to help your business grow, and they need to work as a team. This is where Orthodontic Financial Coordinator training comes in.

We'll Give You the Tools to Succeed

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With years of experience helping orthodontic practices like yours, Peniche & Associates knows how to make your business thrive. As your Orthodontic Financial Coordinator, we’ll provide all the marketing tools you need to grow and connect with your patients, including:

  • Private Client Services: You have our full attention. We start with a two-day visit, followed by support visits every four to six months during your first year.
  • Practice Development: Through teamwork training, inspire your staff to be energetic and enthusiastic about growth and success.
  • Marketing & Branding: Effectively communicate your values to your patients and surrounding community.
  • Case Acceptance & New Patient Process: Transform your new patients' experience, from their initial call to their first visit and beyond.
  • Financial Management: Strengthen your patient relationships by making financial conversations easy.
  • Scheduling: make your patients happy by properly managing your doctors' time and adequately staffing each day.

Your time is better spent pursuing patient relationships, building your business, and taking care of your current clientele—not collecting debts. Orthodontic Financial Coordinator training will teach you how to create processes and stay consistent with these steps to reduce the chances of delinquency.

Establish effective financial policies for your practice with Peniche & Associates. Call today to schedule a consultation.