3 Ways to Market Your Orthodontic Business on Social Media

Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. If you’re not already using it as part of your orthodontic marketing efforts, you probably know you should be. Through social media, you’ll be able to reach new audiences, put your business out there, and even show what a great office you have.

Though you may feel daunted or overwhelmed at first, making orthodontic social media posts can be fun and rewarding. How effective is social media marketing? Very. So go ahead and give these three ways to market your orthodontic business on social media a shot. 

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Tip #1: Use Hashtags

This is the most basic and (all too often overlooked) way to market yourself. Hashtags make your posts show up more easily in search results and help group you with other like posts. Hashtags also increase the likelihood that your post will be discovered by others. 

Every time you post, add a few hashtags. You can come up with your own hashtags, such as the name of your business, and you can also use more general orthodontic social media hashtags such as #ortho, #orthodontics, #braces, #bracesoff, and more. Do your homework to find which hashtags are right for you and will help you connect with the audiences you’re seeking. 

Invite your clients to post pictures using your hashtags for extra traction in your orthodontic marketing

Tip #2: Stay Active on Social Media

Followers will become bored with your account if you don’t post regularly. While you don’t have to post five times per day, creating orthodontic social media posts daily or at least a few times a week will ensure that you have a healthy online presence.

In addition to posting actively, try to shake things up from time to time. Don’t just post static pictures of your office; post fun videos of your employees dancing, goofy photos, photos of patients (with their permission), and more. Dance challenges are an especially good way to connect with your audiences. 

Tip #3: Run Ads

While your orthodontic social media account can be a powerful tool for your orthodontic marketing, the added traffic you can get from running ads may give you a needed boost. Running ads will increase your visibility, help more people find your services, and (if done well) convert new clients. 

Work with Experts

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