A doctor’s time is valuable and that’s why we want to help your office manage doctor time and create a schedule that works for you and your patients. When you can properly manage the doctor’s time, you can adequately staff each day. With the appropriate schedule in place, each staff member has the ability and the time to take excellent care of each patient. Your patients are happy because their appointments run on schedule and these happy patients refer friends. Not only that, but with a workable schedule, it is easy to identify challenges and resolutions.

A doctor is in high demand and the doctor’s time is usually very limited throughout the day. Efficient use of doctor time will determine the efficiency and effectiveness of an office. If the doctor is needed in two places at once, everyone in the office will feel the increased stress. If a doctor uses this valuable commodity doing other than “doctor only items” the practice cannot reach its full potential. Knowing the “doctor time” associated with each procedure allows assistants to plan and direct steady patient flow, thereby optimizing efficiency. This allows the entire practice to deliver extraordinary, complete patient care in a timely manner. Providing patients with timely appointments contributes to happy, satisfied patients and results in increased referrals.

Furthermore, with an effective schedule, it is easy to increase production, identify needed changes and allow all team members to go home on time, feeling happy and satisfied.

Peniche & Associates is happy to offer scheduling services to help your practice run more efficiently. All it takes is providing us with some basic information about how your office currently operates. Once we’ve compiled the necessary information, we’ll create a schedule that combats your current challenges and allows your practice to be productive and profitable.

Again, we believe it is about time spent working smarter, not harder.

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