Create the type of practice environment that inspires success and ensures an energetic and enthusiastic team! After all, when your team is happy and the working environment is healthy, it creates rewards for you, your patients and each member of your staff. Everyone reaps the benefits of a successful practice. That’s why we design activities and systems that support success such as goal-setting, games, planning meetings, staff retreats, and staff rewards.

Peniche & Associates puts a strong focus on planning ahead and creating an environment that fosters growth and performance. It’s about embracing an attitude of service and empowerment that encourages each team member to give 100% effort. That’s when you’ll start to see results in all areas of your practice, from case acceptance to marketing to business management. Success in these areas is dependent on the commitment and teamwork of your entire staff.

Practice development is truly team development, bringing you closer to each other and closer to your practice goals. We look forward to being a part of your practice-building experience.

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