I can’t say enough what LeeAnn and her team of amazing professionals have done for me and my practice. We jumped in with both feed, believed in the systems and worked hard. What happened was a transformation of my practice! I had a busy, profitable practice built on an incredible foundation from my father… but LeAnn and her team took us to the next level. LeeAnn, Cindi, Angie, Kristi, Pamela… they are family now. I love and respect that they haven’t tried to change the core values of my practice, in order to achieve a goal. On the contrary, they identify my strengths, value my heart for faith and family and leverage those to maximize results in the practice. I am a believer and would recommend them to anyone!

Dr. Moody Alexander, Arlington, TX

Peniche & Associates have been a great asset to my practice. Their ability to energize the team and have a long term impact on their improved performance is impressive. I truly enjoyed the interaction and relationship I had with my consultant. Her recommendations allowed me to grow my practice while maintaining my office culture. I also enjoyed attending their seminars and love the connection they were able to form with my entire team. This relationship strengthened when they consulted with us and played a role in maintaining my team’s motivation to follow their suggestions. I give them my highest recommendation.

Dr. Naren Chelian, Las Vegas, NV

Peniche Systems flat out work! We followed their recipe meticulously and achieved astounding metrics along with a great and energizing buzz in the practice.

Dr. Dan German, Beavercreek, OH

Hiring LeeAnn and Team Peniche is THEE best practice management decision I have ever made in my 32 years of exclusive Orthodontic practice!    

Dr. Randy M. Feldman, Tampa, FL

In 2012 our practice was experiencing some positive effects of growth, but due to a lack of organization, focus, and overall practice management, the growth created additional stress that was exhausting for me and my team. I decided to call LeeAnn, and in January of 2013, we began working together. Over the last 4 1/2 years, LeeAnn and her staff have implemented systems that not only helped to further grow my practice, but also equipped my team with strategies that improved our organization, problem solving skills, and the ability to provide our patients with a great orthodontic experience! The Peniche group has been very easy to work with; each consultant has been easily accessible to our team and ready with solutions to the everyday challenges our practice faces. I will always be glad I made the call to LeeAnn, and I look forward to working with her for years to come!    

Dr. Adam Hall, Hot Springs, AR

Here’s the deal. Culture eats strategy for breakfast.
In a world of numbers, metrics, stats, and spreadsheets, nothing will trump what Peniche and Associates brings to the table.
The numbers will come. The goals will be exceeded.
Start with yourself and why you do what you do. Rally your team with Inspiration and authentic leadership.
Peniche and Associates helped me to discover my mission and who I am.
And life has never been better, in all ways that you measure it.
Live Life Smiling!  

Dr. I and the Dream Team, Lone Tree, CO

Our results with Peniche & Associates have been spectacular- almost tripled production in 4 years! My only regret is not using them sooner!    

Dr. David Simon, Wellington, FL

The timing and tone of your visit were perfect for our office. Your message was the uplifting experience that the team needed.    

Dr. Parag Soni, Dalton, GA

If you want to take your practice to the next level and you want to enjoy life and you want to be happy with what you do and you want to have time with your family and you want to not stress and you want to motivate your team and you want to payback you loans faster and you want to be successful and you want to be what you thought you could be before you were and orthodontist then work with LeeAnn Peniche and Associates they are the real deal.    

Dr. Cameron Hulse, Carlsbad, CA

Peniche and associates set the standard for the new patient process and helped my business grow by 23% in the first 6 months that we began working with them. Some consultants tell you what to do, but don’t help you make it happen. Not with P/A, they maintain constant contact with you and more importantly hold your team accountable for the results you expect! They are more than consultants to me, and in fact operate more like a business management team behind the scenes. I highly recommend them!    

Dr. Jeffrey S. Mastroianni, Glen Carbon, IL

I honestly don’t know where to start, and it’s even harder to stop singing their praises! I don’t know where we would be without this amazingly talented group of women. They have made us better people and an even better team. They evaluated and analyzed all of our systems, reconstructed and implemented new procedures, all while holding our hands and always being available. They were successful at doing all of this and making our team happy too! We will always have them as part of our family.

Melissa Baum, Baum & Pashley Orthodontics, Tustin, CA

This team of expertly trained, fabulous consultants have been essential in so many ways. They are completely invigorating and their enthusiasm is intoxicating!! They are a never ending fountain of ideas, knowledge, encouragement and experience!! Any team would greatly benefit from their services or even simply attending their Treatment Coordinator Intensive. LeeAnn Peniche is a well-articulated, fun and engaging speaker for the whole staff to enjoy and learn a lot from. I highly recommend them to anyone who gets the chance!!!

Jessica Landry, Glick Orthodontics, Medfield, MA

I can honestly say that the return we have gotten from our investment with you has been outstanding. In the early days we were an unknown quantity in the industry. Being associated with your firm shed a positive light on us and instilled a level of confidence in prospects. I believe this has to do with the overall professionalism of your team as well as the outstanding reputation you have built in the industry… you have gone above and beyond in helping us to better understand our customers’ business… As we think about the future, we are pleased to continue to be associated with your firm and are appreciative of the value you continue to deliver to our customers. In these trying economic times you have demonstrated a consistent ability to help those practices who are open to change improve their bottom line performance…Thank you for your support and our partnership.    

Chuck Abraham, President and CEO - OraMetrix

Peniche & Associates is a dream team of talented orthodontic professionals. They are always looking for big and small ways to better our practice and patient interactions. They have been one of the best financial investments we’ve made since purchasing our practice.

Wendy MacGinnis, Dr. Matthew MacGinnis, Fullerton, CA

I met with LeeAnn and she spent a couple hours of her valuable time with me and left me feeling inspired, motivated, impressed and rejuvenated my spirit to continue growing my practice. After practicing for 38 and a half years and experiencing a few terrible years of decreased practice production and value, it would be an easy step to just “throw in the towel” and head off into the sunset. However, whenever I spend any time with LeeAnn, I came away with renewed hope and vigor and the attitude of ‘Go get ’em, Tiger.’ Really awesome! I highly recommend her organization – unless you are satisfied with the status quo!    

Dr. Gary Hirsh, San Diego, CA

I have never had more fun or cohesion and synergy with my team than I am experiencing now. With our patients as our primary focus, Peniche & Associates has taken all of our office systems to a level of customer service far and above all expectations! There is something to be gained by all with Peniche & Associates!    

Dr. David H. Seligman, New York, NY

Each of our staff is energized and working as a team! Your advice on case acceptance and teamwork was absolutely valid, and your style of delivery was impeccable. Cathy and I love the whole exam format and believe your coaching was very powerful and very freeing. Never in 16 years have I ever had my staff say that they wish a consultant could stay longer… a testament to the impact that you had on them!  

Dr. Philip Badalamenti, St. Clair Shores, MI

When I was the VP of Sales for Align Technology, we selected Peniche & Associates as the exclusive training team for our company. This decision was based on positive feedback from customers, their highly successful track record and the scalability that a team of consultants afforded. Over the next five years Peniche & Associates was a major contributor to one of the most successful product launches in medical device history. I highly recommend them based on their knowledge, drive and professionalism.    

Joe Breeland, VP Sales - Align Technology

LeeAnn’s techniques work because they are people centered and foster a win/win relationships for the doctor, patient and staff. By utilizing her techniques we have almost doubled our practice in two years.    

Dr. Steven T. Short, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Peniche & Associates is absolutely the infusion my office needed to get us back on track. After two consecutive moderately slow growth years, the Peniche & Associates Team came into our office and spun us into an incredible climb!! With staggering five month statistical changes that you would only dream of, in the neighborhood of 120% increase in production and 110% increase in starts, this team has changed the way our team looks at coming to work and succeeding.    

Dr. Andrew S. Chase, ARCH Orthodontics - Stoughton, MA

Having Peniche & Associates in our office has been an outstanding experience! Their logical and systematic approach to scheduling, collections and new patient facilitation has allowed our practice to grow over 300% in two years, while allowing more time for patient treatment and better communication with patients and parents.    

Dr. Harry Dougherty, Sherman Oaks, CA

Peniche & Associates have been very instrumental in helping our practice achieve a high level of success in every aspect of our business. No matter what the size of your practice, they can raise the level of patient conversion, collection and general office systems to mention a few. Call them today, you won’t be sorry!    

Dr. Lawrence Hutta, Worthington and Dublin, OH

Within four months, our average monthly practice production had tripled. LeeAnn has been the most influential person in my development as a businessman. She and her associates have been the single best investment I have ever made.    

Dr. Tom Blase, Tucson, AZ

LeeAnn and her associates are outstanding. The techniques that we’ve learned are life changing.    

Dr. Martin Van Vliet, Ramsey, NJ

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