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Sheila Oliver | Vice President of Operations

Sheila is the woman behind the woman, acting as LeeAnn’s right hand and the one responsible for the daily operational hum of Peniche & Associates. Sheila is a financial and organizational whiz, without whom we couldn’t possibly run as smoothly. Over the course of her career with Peniche & Associates, Sheila has honed her operations savvy and expertise, and we rely on her for her great ideas and the management of both our daily operations and our many events, site visits and conferences. She is our go-to girl for financial and organizational assistance, and we can’t deny that she keeps our company running like a well-oiled consulting machine. But not only is she a master of operations, her warm and approachable style makes her a favorite among staff and clients alike. Sheila is truly a jack-of-all-trades and a master of all! 


Cindi James | Director of Training

Enthusiastic and educated, with more than 23 years of orthodontic experience and a degree in Business Marketing, Cindi has much to offer. Cindi’s attention to detail and analytical approach to problem-solving are complemented by her energy and expertise in the areas of treatment coordinating, marketing, office management, and clinical assisting. You’ll cheer when you see what Cindi can do!



Jeremiah Stroup | Director of Communications

As our Director of Communications Jeremiah brings his expertise as a skilled communicator and Social Media Strategist. In his roles, he heads up SEO optimization, Website development, Social Media management, and the creation of interactive media and viral videos. He brings a wealth of diverse knowledge with over two decades of experience in marketing, media, and television.  He got his start at the age of 16 as a “Teen Reporter” for ABC affiliate KATU which lead him to produce and host Television shows, Web episodes, and live events.  Jeremiah also partners with global brands as a speaker, consultant, and educator while maintaining a thriving eCommerce company.

Lacie Ellis

Lacie Ellis | Director of Education & Design

Lacie blends 17 years of orthodontic experience with her love of graphic design to create innovative marketing and educational materials.  Lacie is driven to provide support and guidance to every office.


Larissa Roberts | Administrative Specialist

There are some people who within minutes, you feel like you’ve been friends with for years.  Such a friend always has your best interest in mind and never thinks twice to go the extra mile for you.  At Peniche & Associates, this person is Larissa.  Like a close friend, she anticipates your needs, all while turning your questions into answers.  Her sunny disposition and positive attitude are warm reminders that the Peniche & Associates Team is here for you whenever you need!


Lori Fore | Senior Consultant

Up beat and goal-oriented, with 30 years of experience ranging from RDA to treatment coordinator to office manager, Lori brings the tools and organization needed to reach your practice’s full potential. Lori’s knowledge and motivation provide a seamless and consistent New Patient Process. Lori’s goal is to provide the systems needed to increase case acceptance and take conversion ratios to a new level!


Kristi Lietz | Senior Consultant

Kristi is passion! With over 11 years of experience in Orthodontics, Kristi is passionate in creating a memorable patient experience. Her background includes the new patient process, marketing and credit management. Kristi is also a statistical guru ensuring our clients have accurate and efficient tracking systems. Kristi’s sincere enthusiasm and commitment allows her to go above and beyond to assist clients, patients, friends and family to reach their personal and professional goals.

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Pamela DeWan | Senior Consultant

Pamela is a true extrovert! She is driven to succeed and forever optimistic. She is passionate about Orthodontics and helping others achieve their goals and desires for a smile that lasts a lifetime. Pamela has over 20 years experience as a Treatment and Marketing Coordinator. Along with her experience, her education in business and marketing makes Pamela a valued asset. She is fully committed to the success and continued growth of your practice.


Angie Fitterer | Senior Consultant

Angie is our smooth operator! With years of experience in office administration and management, Angie has learned what it takes to implement a streamlined and highly effective new patient process. After working for Peniche & Associates for the past six years, her highest priorities for our clients are “RESULTS” through a team approach. She is a dynamic Peniche Consultant and does it all with a smile!


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Chere Ashcraft | Senior Consultant

Chere is a master in patient care from her years as a registered nurse to her 10 years in orthodontics.  Her commitment to excellence includes stellar case acceptance, scheduling and practice management.  Chere blends the business of orthodontics with our clients’ personal and professional goals, while maintaining the highest level of patient care.  And she is a super Bronco fan!

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Jody Schwing | Office Manager

Jody works behind the scenes and has an unstoppable determination to make those she supports successful. Her 25+ years of orthodontic experience includes clinical assisting, treatment coordinating, office managing and consulting which gives her the insight and knowledge to anticipate all your needs. Jody is a master of excellence and will go the extra mile for everyone!

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Summer Edmiston | Financial Coordinator

With 25 years of experience with numbers, statistics, and bookkeeping, Summer is our Financial Coordinator and is responsible for all of Peniche & Associates client accounts and financial records.  She genuinely cares about all of those around her and provides accurate, excellent service with a beautiful smile and warm heart.

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April McKnight | Senior Consultant

With over a decade of orthodontic experience, April is as motivated as they come!  April’s expertise in treatment coordinating, financial presentation, case management and marketing in both established and start-up practices, is sure to help your practice grow.  Her enthusiasm for your success will leave you with a smile!  Forever in our hearts.

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